Aqarat Real Estate Development Co.

about us

1) Our Vision:

Creative innovations, a comprehensive vision looking to the future forward a wide horizon ... watching the variables of the world and the regional economic to add a new dimension to the national economy map more prosperous.

 2) Our Objective:

  • Perfect root model for real estate investment.
  • Development of new concepts for the real estate development.
  • Upgrading the level of real estate services.
  • Develop the land as the foundation of real estate wealth.
  • Approach Standard rates of return on investments in real estate.

 3) Our Services:

  • Land development and construction projects and the establishment of residential, commercial, industrial, recreational and service projects.
  • Marketing and sale of real estate projects.
  • Assess the facilities and property valuation.
  • Management of property.
  • Real estate consultancy.
  • Installment of real estate products.
  • The establishment and management of real estate portfolios and funds.
  • Building and construction of villas and residential complexes.
  • The financing of real estate investment with a variety of facilities programs.
  • Real estate development services to customers, investors & the feasibility studies for financing, construction and future development.

4) Future Projects:

Works of development in plans is going on, AQARAT REAL ESTATE CO. has completed the feasibility studies for real estate projects, industrial, commercial, and residential, and the company will offer for sale a number of projects that are characterized position within the physical domain where all services are available such as: 

Pavements, Asphalt, Lighting, Electricity, Water, Phone ,Schools, mosques , Gardens, parking facilities , health facilities, government facilities.

5) Our Message:

Contribute to national development through the provision of quality services to meet the requirements of Saudi society and the increase of well-being living for the awareness of real yearning for the good of the future and its Preeminence.

6) Our Strategy:

  • Adoption of the contents and methods of creative real estate investment.
  • Set new mechanisms for investment.
  • Employment of modern techniques to build a promising investment environment.
  • Diversity of real estate investment programs.

 7) Why Aqarat Co.?

  • Long experience in real estate investments.
  • Openness to experience the world of modern.
  • A full Integrated Group of specializations.
  • Track record of achievements.
  • Safer and more stable.
  • A long history of trust.
  • Cadres and distinguished experiences to adapt the requirements of real estate sector.

 8) Our Emblem:

  • Continuing success.
  • Race with the development.
  • Progress with determination.

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